G3/H&K .308 20rd Original - Aluminum - 6 PACK (#MAGHKAL-6)

G3/H&K .308 20rd Original - Aluminum - 6 PACK

Part Number: MAGHKAL-6 Manufacturer: German Manufacturer Part Number: NA UPC: NA
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  • Description

    G3/H&K .308 20rd Original - Aluminum - 6 PACK


    • 6 pack
    • 20rds
    • .308
    • Aluminum
    • Excellent condition

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    Great looking magazines. Not new, but they're not dented or banged up. Best deal out there by far!
    Reviewed by Michael G  J
    3/4/2017 7:57:15 AM
    3 stars means AVERAGE to me. Not good, not bad. They must be getting down to the end of them because none of the 12 I ordered were as great as other reviews nor were there any wrapped unissued. I ordered 12 they came 6 to a pack. I noticed 1 of the 6 packs was rusty and the other 6 pack was in good used condition. The rusty 6 pack was surface rust(nothing damaging) on the bottom plate and follower. The ones I received had production dates from 1963 thru 1990. 1 hour of time and my handy dandy Dremmel tool with carbon steel brushes and some Break Free they were as good as the other ones I received. I loaded all 12 mags and have fired 20rds. through each with no problems. I know 20rds isn't much of a test but I was expecting some kind of failure. There was none. Bottom line THEY ARE A GOOD VALUE FOR THE MONEY and have functioned well so far.
    Reviewed by David  F
    2/21/2017 2:13:19 PM
    Not a single 1 out of 12 looks like they can function without serious overhaul. Magazine springs are rusted as well as most of every thing else. I get it, their used surplus, just wish my luck would have been like the previous reviewers.
    Reviewed by Nicholas  B
    2/1/2017 12:35:23 PM
    Ordered 4 packs (24 mags). I opened about 8 just to inspect and out of that, 2 were entirely new, 5 were excellent condition with little wear and 1 was still in good condition with alot of use marks. There is something really cool about opening them up from their original packaging, unwrapping the paper around the old mag and then looking at the date stamped on the mag.
    Reviewed by Dave  R
    12/29/2016 10:12:27 AM
    Possibly the best deal to be currently found for surplus G3 magazines. I ordered 12 assuming that some would show heavy use and that I would need to put a lot of TLC into cleaning them up. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find 9 unissued and still sealed in the wrapper. The other three were "very good". I immediately ordered more.
    Reviewed by Eric  L
    12/27/2016 6:49:29 PM
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